Friday, November 19, 2010

Progress, And A Few Possible Titles

Ok. Not a bad day. Scrolling down, I'm reminded that I had hoped to be mostly done with the big guy today, but it didn't happen. Sick most of this week, and unable to pick up the excellent mounting hardware pictured below before this afternoon.

Sky Blanchard made the brackets for me, and they look like they're going to work great. My plan is to stick one end of the brackets down to the figure with Forton and fiberglass. The other end of the bracket get screwed to the wall, and both ends have tapped holes so that set screws can clamp down on the bars that run in-between. Smooth.

As far as I know, Sky works without a net (no website), and I'm not about to give his number out on a blog, but if you know Sky, and you need work done, he's the man. Plus, his new shop/house/warehouse is amazing. It's a classic example of the live/work artist's loft that developers are killing themselves trying to sell in Northern Liberties, but without all the granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances (or, as far as I could tell, a kitchen). He also welded a threaded rod to a steel rod for me, which I'm planning on using for the second round of the arrow. More on that later.

Knowing that today was NOT going to bring about sculptural resolution, I got to work casting relief figures for the next wall pieces. It's boring work, but I did OK. Got two boxes like this

filled before running out of stuff and patience. The new Polycoat system is working great. Surprising how much of a difference it makes not spraying in the mold release, and how much better the pieces look with the PolyFil ND. I wouldn't say that the fill is entirely ND, in that a lot of it seems to end up in the bottom of the cup, but none of it seems to end up on the surface of the cast, so I've got no complaints.

The incredibly fast set time for urethane plastics means that casting these guys is strictly small-batch undertaking. It's not exciting work, but it there is definitely an art to figuring out how many pieces you can before before the whole mess sets up. Not many, it turns out, and less if you pause to fiddle around with anything along the way.

Finally, I had a few titles ideas today.

"Man, It Makes Me Hungry Just To Look At You"

"Explain To Me Again How This Is My Fault".

Now I just need the pieces to go with them.

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