Monday, November 15, 2010

Further Proof Of Life

Ok, more progress. It's the little last steps that kill me, but I hope to be more or less done with this big bastard by Friday. Not counting the finish.

Anyway, last Friday I finally got around to patching a few of the trickier holes. These are places where the surface coat was didn't fill, or broke away in the de-molding process. Some (small) holes are relatively easy to fix, but when the flaw is in the middle of an area of texture, the patch is obviously a little more involved. An example;

getting from this -

to this -

-required not just adding material, but carefully carving and sanding it with a dremel to match the existing texture.

Also on Friday, I cast the long arrow he's supposed to be holding. I haven't made the arrow before this because I needed to build it in relation to the existing sculpture, but I knew that it would be so long and thin that it made no sense to include in the original mold. It's amazing to me that now, in mid-November, I might finally get to see the composition I've been planning all along.

I've run a threaded rod through the middle, both to provide stability, and to have something to tie into in the larger casting.

Finally, I re-attached the top portion of the bow that broke off in the de-mold process. I had run a steel rod through the bow, but it broke off exactly at the spot where the rod ended, so I glued it in place with a mending plate and some JB Weld. I'll go back and clean it up with a little Forton, and it will look good as new.

A last note about working with Forton MG. In general, it's been great. Getting the proportions right is a bit tricky, but I haven't had any problems, and the material seems as strong and light as advertised. Patching has been easy and seamless. My only complaint is that, because so little catalyst is required per batch, it's hard to mix the really small batches I need here at the end. When you're talking abut 145 bucks a kit, plus shipping, that kind of waste has real teeth.

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