Sunday, November 7, 2010

No Pictures, Please

Oy, it has been slow going lately.

Friday I was in the studio all day,and felt like I got nothing done, except making a mess. The semester's schedule and work around the house have really been taking their toll.

That said, I've managed to make and mold the arrow that the "Self Portrait" figure will eventually be holding, and started some experiments with other finishes for the smaller relief figures, with an eye toward an exhibition in NYC in March.

I am going back and forth on the wisdom of working at this scale at this phase of life. I like working big, and the sense of accomplishment is fantastic, but never being finished is beginning to wear me down. As of this moment, I've still got to:
  1. repair the small places where the surface coat either broke away or didn't fill
  2. cast the arrow, and figure out how to attach it securely
  3. re-attach part of the bow that broke off
  4. clean up the edges and chase the surface
  5. figure out how to mount it, and then do it
  6. figure out the appropriate surface treatment, and then apply it

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