Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday, 4/29

Took the grass skirt off this week. Decided that no matter how well I got it rendered, the shape and placement was always going to suggest wings. Not what I had in mind at all. Going to experiment with a buffalo-type hide instead.

I got these images from the sculpture in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. One of those beautifully rendered, totally forgettable sculptures that dot the urban landscape, and which I have come to respect, if not love.

I think the textures are particularly well done on this one, and not having a buffalo handy, I decided to use these for reference.

So, got home early from work today. Had 30 minutes in the studio. Being a sculptor with two kids and a full time job means you gotta be quick. Ask Darla.

Going back to the tinfoil. Makes it look insulated.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Ha! So true! All sculptors need little sculptor helper monkies...oh wait, maybe thats what the kids are for? who knows. Anyway, I love that sculpture in front of the PMA too. I sat there and sculpted the deer from it once and loved every minute of it. I like the idea of a buffalo hide. And the only person I can think of that I've seen make grass stuff look like grass stuff is nicola hicks but thats because it was all hay mixed with plaster...
    Thanks for the shout out yo!