Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday, 4/23

I like working in clay. I like that it has different states, and that you can use those
different states in different ways - moving it around quickly when soft, carving and burnishing it
when hard. Plus, I don't like the feel or the finish of plasticine.

That said, clay does have it's disadvantages. Mostly, it dries out. I'm getting into the
studio once a week, and it's clearly not enough. Starting to get some cracking along
the legs, particularly where the armature is close to the surface (as seen being
repaired in that nice Achilles' heal image).

As this has become something of a self portrait, I've decided to include my (mirror image)
Leatherman and wallet. Between them and the jeans, it feels almost as representative as a
portrait. Still not sure about the grass cape.

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