Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, 5/14

Spotty week in the studio. Couple of hours at a time, over a couple of days.

A lot of general detail work. From here out, I'm guessing that the pictures won't look too different, day to day, or week to week. Worked to resolve the folds in jeans, the feet, and the flip flops. May have gotten a little overzealous in the watering - much of the day spent working around soft, gummy, clay. Tricky to strike the right balance. In the long run, too wet is better than too hard - there's no cracking, and less risk that the whole thing will fall off the base. That said, it's impossible to develop specific forms when the clay is soft and sticky.

My mom was in town yesterday, and she asked how much longer it would take. Hard to say, really. The form is essentially finished, so now it's kind of a question of how long I can tolerate working the surfaces. I'm reminded of what my friend Robin said about painting a room -"I hate knowing that, even under the best circumstances, I'm going to have to touch every inch of the wall, twice." This is like that, except I'm going over every inch dozens and dozens of times.

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