Friday, November 9, 2012

Hard Copy

Pulling the first casting from a big mold is generally either a great day, or a terrible one, and today was great. The mother mold came apart like a dream (might have gotten away with a few less sections, but better too many than too few), and the blanket pulled off without a hitch. Almost (almost) anti-climactic.

That said, this is pretty high stakes stuff. If the something goes wrong, you could easily be left with nothing, and you don't necessarily know if something goes has gone wrong until the very end. Pulling this cast means we're officially out of danger. Even if the next cast goes completely pear shaped, and bonds with the mold, or doesn't set, or whatver, we have a hard copy. If worst comes to worst, we can cast it again.

I wouldn't want to, but I feel a lot better knowing I could.

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