Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Fie, I say, on the work obligations, and the family obligations that keep me out of the studio day upon day, week upon week. If this goddamn thing isn't done by the end of the summer, it won't be for lack of desire. It will be because of the Teacher Observation Institute, and the Transfer Sessions, and the Critical Thinking Conference, and the Stockton Critical Thinking Institute, and surgeries, and vacations and camps and pickups and work, and the lawn, and the garden, and every other fucking thing. But it won't be for lack of desire.

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  1. I hear ya.... but now that it's January and your work is up at the DCCA and fabulous- I can say you did it! Kudos!... I can relate- if it ain't one thing or another, the holidays, then my sons bar mitzvah, then my sick mother in law, got her on a place back to FL on Friday. Ready to get in studio today and poof... a snow day, no school for the kids. But I got in, at least for a couple of hours. we all do what we can, but your work is elegant and wonderful. hope you are doing well. now.