Friday, February 17, 2012

Better Moments

Blogger is giving me a hard time about the picture layouts, and I'm not interested in spending a lot of time figuring it out. 
In brief; a decent day. The photo at top shows where I started, around 9:30, and the photo at bottom shows where I ended up, around 4:15. In the middle is an image of one of the joys/frustrations of the home studio arrangement - a monitor that reaches to the studio. The good news is that this means that my wife can pick up the two older kids at school and leave the baby napping. The bad news is that he inevitably wakes up as soon as she leaves the house. In my better moments I remember that having the luxury to do what I love in the morning and have lunch with my son in the afternoon is a great privilege. In my lesser moments I am not as grateful as I should be. 
In these pictures it's a bit hard to see what's changed, which makes me a bit nervous. If you look at the bottom section however, particularly at the leaves, you can see things shifting, moving, gaining definition. I think I'm finally starting to get familiar with the leaf shape, and the feel of the plasticine. In my better moments I remember that I am actually only working in the studio one day a week, and I try to be patient, and enjoy the process. In my lesser moments, I step back, look at how far I have to go, and panic.

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