Thursday, December 29, 2011

West Collects (Help Me Out)

Hey all,

I'm sending this out to people I'm pretty sure have an iphone, or at least app capabilities. I just applied for the West Prize, which is a cool, and definitely lucrative, art prize with a social component. The person who gets the most votes via their app wins 25,000. There's some people out there with a pretty serious head start, but the more votes you get, the more you show up on the site, so if you guys would help me lay a foundation, I'd definitely appreciate it.

the app can be found on the app store (search west collects), or at the website,

I didn't find the app to be super intuitive. Once you're on the app, search for Morfit. That will take you to my bio. From there, you browse to the right, as though you were looking at pictures, and that will take you to my images. Hit the big pink I Like button, and that's all there is to it. You can "like" each individual piece as you scroll through.

Thanks for your help,


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