Thursday, October 13, 2011

Early Look At The Start Of Stage 2

This has actually come a fair ways since this photo but, as usual, I'm behind. I'll try to get some new pics on Friday, when I'm back in the studio. I've started on the dress. As I mentioned earlier, I thought I'd be able to build the dress from the form of the hips, like this, but quickly figured out that, without the whole figure in place, there would be a good chance that I'd eventually put the pieces together only to discover that I got the center of gravity wrong. No thank you. So I made a quick cast of the entire figure, and mounted up high enough to give me plenty of room to work, and to have the completed figure's final height work out to about 7 ft. Then I laid up some pink foam (they've changed the color of pink foam to this liver colored mess that I can't stand), and carved it back. The straps you see are providing some rough clamping for the Great Stuff glue job that's holding the laminated pieces together.
The process get's a lost stranger from here, so bear with me.

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