Friday, July 1, 2011

Progress, No Progress, And No Pictures

An unusual day in the studio. A Friday. A good day. Started the day with a little Helmet "Meantime", which is a good kickstart to get excited working folds first thing in the morning. Then steady progress all day. The best moment came when I cut away a big portion of the lower hips, which made an unexpectedly significant difference. Suddenly she sits back in her hips the way she's supposed to. Little moments like that make me happy, but they also make me nervous. What else am I missing? What else do I think looks fine that needs to be changed?

On the other hand, my assistant James and are trying to figure out a new way to mold the small figures, and it's not working. We're losing detail, which is both unacceptable, and doesn't make any sense. You just shouldn't loose detail in a silicone mold. I called the guys at Polytek, and they were stumped too. But in a triumph of customer service, they told me to send them the originals, and they would do some experiments and try to figure out a solution. You don't see that kind of corporate integrity too much these days, and I surely appreciate it. For my money, Polytek is the L.L. Bean of molding and casting supply companies.

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