Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Almost Getting Started (Dang Kids)

The problem with being an artist with 3 children is that you have 3 children, and sometimes they all decide to get sick on a studio day. I still managed to sneak in an hour or two here and there, but it certainly wasn't the productive day I had in mind.

I've surprised myself by starting this round of intensive studio time (thank you Stockton and National Sculpture Society) by making a maquette of the large figure. Probably makes sense - everything else I think I know what I'm doing. The big figure remains a bit unresolved. Good idea to get that started now, and give it some time to develop.

Something I would normally yell at my students about - I need to get the face finished before I really invest in the body. It's too hard to work the proportion of the body if the face isn't right, particularly in an instance like this, where the whole thing hinges on the expression. I'm not there yet (1 x 1 inches of supersculpey is not necessarily the place to capture facial subtleties), but I'm close enough that I can move forward. VERY excited to be working again.

Is there anything better than drinking a few beers in the studio on a hot night in May? There is not.

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