Monday, March 28, 2011

The Pleasures Of Recombination

Having just completed one major show, and gearing up for another this weekend, you'd think I'd have some process photos to post, but I don't. Or rather, I do, but right now the process is boring. Pour plate. De-mold. Repeat.Also, since my contribution to the show at Tyler is going to be a big installation, there's really nothing to show until it's up.

If you didn't see the plates in New York, here's a sense of the direction they're moving in.

I'm in love with these split plates. First of all, they free me from the tyranny of polka dot installation schemes. Second, I think that combining plates makes a decisive move away from utility and decoration, and into sculpture. And third, I like the possibilities.

Come down to Tyler on Saturday and see what you think.

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