Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mold Making, Day 4 - Awesome

Started today by finishing up a few sections of the mother mold, then cleaning up the studio again. It's a small studio, and every time it's time to start a new task, I've got to re-organize the place.

With the mother mold completed, the last step was building wooden frame to support the mother mold when it's inverted, and to help keep all the pieces in place.

With that accomplished, there was nothing left to do but open the mold. Nerve-wracking.

I got started almost by accident, seeing if one of the feet would come up. Once it did, there was nothing to do but pull up everything.

I called out the wife and kids to watch, and then immediately regretted it. In my experience, opening a mold for the first time, even one you feel good about, is a harrowing experience. Not something you necessarily want to share with hot, bored, kids who aren't allowed to touch anything.

My wife, sensibly, got everyone out of the studio until I called them back to watch me peel back the rubber.

I haven't had a chance to inspect the rubber inch by inch, but from what I can tell it all came out beautifully.

Here's what the mother mold looked like popped out, reassembled, and resting comfortably on the wooden frame.

And here, finally, is what the rubber looked like, snugly registered in the mother mold. I don't think this makes me a genius, but it's a long way from my comfort zone, and it certainly makes me feel like one.

It looks good. The question is; can it produce a great cast? Stay tuned.

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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!